Create a consistent message for a global audience with Beem!

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Create a consistent message for a global audience with Beem!

As companies expand and become global organizations, they’re quickly confronted with different challenges in terms of brand consistency and internal alignment. Questions abound for these companies!

Can a brand maintain its personality and integrity when entering foreign countries, serving new customers and adding to the team new employees? How do nuances such as language and culture impact the internal communication and perception of that identity? Are slogans and iconography best left “universal” and leveraged worldwide, or should variations exist, depending on the country?

Brands must be flexible, particularly in global markets. They have to be able to be understood by every employee, no matter what region they are based in. Therefore, they need a way to create a consistent messaging for a global audience, and in the era of the 4th Technology Revolution, there’s no better way to have a digital platform that can help to do so.

Companies have long advocated for well-managed brand consistency across global markets. In fact, McKinsey & Company research suggests that brands that embrace this strategy are 20% more successful than those that don’t: handling employees from different countries is not easy at all and they all need to be able to perceive the strong brand identity of the company they work for in order to ensure commitment and engagement. On this matter, our journey as a company speaks for itself.



Global Reach: Beem’s Approach

For more than 5 years, Beem has collaborated with many F500 companies to help them keep their global workforce aligned in ways that preserve the integrity of the business while engaging them in culturally-authentic ways. We start by proving online experiences and offline content for these employees in their languages of choice, but we don’t stop with translations.

Beem’s technology and processes were built to ensure that blue and white collar workers enjoy the entire global online experience, in whichever languages they choose. One of the most important ways we do this is by creating global competitions among different teams in order to challenge them to deliver their best ideas while feeling part of something bigger.

We dedicate our internal resources to assist our customers’ projects for months (or years) on end, ensuring that a brand’s content and marketing messaging is consistently and accurately presented on Beem platform, in all languages. This is a compelling differentiator within our industry! We’ve implemented this and many other features because we believe that the customization of contents should be encouraged and can be of great value over the long term.

We’ve also found that our digital platform helps those companies that use it to identify the true factors that might affect the optimization process. For instance: in some markets, highlighting specific product categories more prominently than others can boost engagement and alignment with the HQ. Our job is to help our clients unearth these hidden gems, shift their focus on exploiting them and improve the levels of internal engagement. So far, it has worked incredibly well!

Wrapping Up

As companies expand into new markets and consider their global branding efforts, it’s often challenging to anticipate cultural nuances and the market-specific needs for localized content. Without reliable data and experience to test and make decisions, the process can become costly and time-consuming.

But Beem’s flexible platform and experts can help. We’ll help you create consistent messaging for your global audience and the international markets you operate in… and help preserve the integrity of your brand, in whatever languages those market speak!


If your company is planning on expanding its realms of work in different countries, don’t hesitate to reach out at and we can get on this part of the journey together!

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