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CEO & CoFounder
Lee Lomax
Head of Client Success & Operations
Sylvie Galland
Lead Developer
Wyon Gilroy
Front-End Developer
Darius Kiuberis
Social & Community Executive
Edoardo Zorzoli
iOS & Android Developer
Neil Barrington
Non-Exec Director & CoFounder
Philip Mundy
Systems Architect
Dan Bennett

Collider is an accelerator dedicated to marketing and advertising startups, who help brands and agencies identify, understand, engage with and sell to their consumers. They invest capital in these startups, coach them through a highly structured programme and connect them to potential corporate customers and investors.


The aim of the game is to help startups like us to become sustainable, rapidly growing businesses. The thing that defines them, sets them apart and drives them, is their laser focus on the sweet spot between startups and brands, and the commercial benefits they bring to one another. This means they invest specifically in technology startups that are building disruptive platforms, products and services that enable brands to better engage, understand and sell to their consumers.


They fuse ambitious founders with progressive brands and specialist investors. Collider inject smart capital, expert coaching and forge commercial connections. Through productive collaboration, they are able to foster the fastest route to product-market fit, follow-on funding, competitive edge and revenue.

Unilever Ventures is the venture capital and private equity arm of Unilever. They invest in young, promising companies, accelerating growth by providing access to Unilever’s global ecosystem, assets and expertise. They are looking for tomorrow’s world-beaters in Personal Care and Digital.


Unilever Ventures provides access to a company with unrivalled global reach. On any given day, two billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good and get more out of life. With more than 400 brands focused on health and wellbeing, no company touches so many people’s lives in so many different ways.


Unilever Ventures works closely with The Unilever Foundry to provide technology innovators with access to paid pilot projects, mentorship and growth financin

GGM Capital

GGM invests in high growth technology businesses in Europe and the Americas. The GGM High Growth IT Fund invests in end-Seed to early Series A round in technology-enabled businesses, primarily software based displaying easily identifiable competitive advantage.


Their investment strategies are based on identified, assessed and confirmed opportunities. Each fund has a team tailored to its investment policy and fully dedicated to it.


Their Venture Capital funds, GGM High Growth IT Fund and GGM Latam IT Fund are designed to provide access to outstanding projects driven by committed teams combining proprietary technology with real competitive advantage.


Erlang Solutions develops and builds trusted, fault-tolerant systems that can scale to billions of users. Founded in 1999 and with offices across Europe and North and South America, Erlang Solutions provides a full range of solutions based on the Erlang and Elixir ecosystems. www.erlang-solutions.com

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