Reviewing The Importance of Internal Comms Software

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Reviewing The Importance of Internal Comms Software

The importance of effective communication within a company cannot be overstated enough. Effective communication allows a business to thrive or die. In its most basic form, a company is made up of a hierarchical structure of people working together towards a common goal. In order to reach said common goal, the employees need to effectively share information, ideas and updates across different departments and management levels. It is no secret that an informed worker is a better worker and hence management teams are constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery systems they use to distribute information down the hierarchy, whilst also being open to receiving it back up the hierarchy. This is where internal communication software comes in. With the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and devices, it is now more important than ever to provide a digital, streamlined solution for the flow of information throughout the company hierarchy.


Here are 5 key effects that an internal communication software would have on your company:


1. Increased employee productivity, engagement and awareness


Every productive employee needs a platform to voice their opinions and ideas. They are the best people in the company to drive change by providing ideas from first-hand experiences and hence influencing how processes are carried out. Such platforms allow employees to also feel more valued as their voice is heard and hence they are more engaged with the day-to-day happenings of the company. It is this engagement that leads to a more motivated workforce that can show 21% greater profitability. Gone are the days of long, laborious and time-wasting meetings to determine what your workforce is thinking. Get a first-hand glimpse into the minds of your workforce through the use of an internal communication software.


2. Improved employee experience


There is no point in advertising company benefits and events if employees aren’t aware of their existence. Organisations can use an internal communication software to ensure that the general workforce is aware of the different benefits that are available to them. A company that actively shows how it cares for its employees is a company that should have a higher retention rate. With 44% of businesses focusing on customer acquisition, whilst only 18% focus on customer retention, it is clear there needs to be a change. Beem is currently working with clients on providing virtual talent shows where the winner receives a prize. This is a great example of how a competition can be promoted, monitored and delivered, through the use of an internal communication software, and hence provide an improved employee experience.


3. Unify the workforce during difficult times


Covid-19 shook the workplace forever and the aftermath is still being felt across the business world. This splash of cold, hard reality aggressively made businesses realise that crisis lurks around every corner and hence needs to be effectively mitigated. Internal communication software is a valuable tool that allows frontline employees to communicate effectively and quickly in a manner that reduces stress and hence room for error. It is also during these distressing times that misinformation can spread like wildfire across an organisation. Once this misinformation begins to spread, it can be impossible to bottle it back up. This inevitably leads to reputational damage and stressed employees. The proportion of the UK population working exclusively at home rose from 5.7% of workers in January/February 2020 to 43.1% in April 2020 and with this comes the need for innovation. Keep your workforce well-informed and at ease by implementing an internal communication software as an effective mitigation strategy before the next big crisis.


4. Unify your international business


Global businesses need internal communication to ensure that different departments stay on the same page. These departments are often working together but in different time zones with limited overlapping work schedules. Furthermore, they often speak different languages and are accustomed to varying cultures, which further adds fuel to the fire. Nevertheless, an effective digital communication strategy helps to extinguish this fire. It provides a means for global communication on an even playing field, where not only can the disadvantages of different time zones be overcome, but the tone of communication respects any cultural differences towards the workplace. The use of software also makes it easy to translate back-and-forth between the different languages used.


5. Promote your brand


The most effective and potent brand ambassadors are the employees themselves. When the employees are off-work, you want to ensure that they naturally continue to promote a great image of your company. In the age of social media, it is important that employees promote and share information that is beneficial to your company and present you in a good light. 96% of companies believe employer brand and reputation can positively or negatively impact revenue, yet less than half (44%) monitor that impact. Clearly, it is important to organically promote a work culture that allows employees to feel happy, respected and valued. An effective means of internal communication, where employees are heard, is an obvious means to driving this outcome.



The world of work is constantly changing and with that comes room for exceptional innovation. Join us at Beem at the forefront of this new and exciting space!

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