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Helping Hand for Big Business – Beem Pledge

Just a few weeks ago, COVID-19 spread was something serious ‘happening over there‘ – worthy of a news agenda, but perhaps not fully on the internal communications radar. As time went by, we understood how planning around Coronavirus was going to become a challenge for every company, even those with the very best business continuity plans. Before we all knew it, uncertainty was about to cross our thresholds..

This crisis has been emotionally challenging for many people, changing day-to-day life in unprecedented ways. And for companies, business-as-usual is not an option right now.

This is the time when a solid yet flexible Internal Communications strategy can really make the difference to protect those who struggle the most in this situation: employees.

In fact, they demand official communications that are clear, reliable, and trustworthy, especially in times of uncertainty. Communication really is the glue that holds everything together in a crisis!

But it’s not quite as simple as pushing out messages from the corporate centre – it’s not a PR job; there has to be a joined-up approach to getting the messaging right for employees, and Internal Comms departments need to be working hand in hand with HR, IT and a centralized corporate task force.

If you don’t already have such tools in place, that’s ok — it’s not too late



Our pledge of assistance during and throughout COVID-19


We’ve created a series of different packages for what we’re now witnessing across the global business world. Whether your company is a worldwide enterprise or medium-sized accountancy, we’re all in a very similar boat.

Most of us are struggling to adjust to this new unfamiliar world, and many businesses just were not ready technologically speaking to handle such change in business circumstances

This is where Beem comes in – our employee comms solutions will simplify your current challenges and give your business the ability to reach every employee with the need to know, and nice to know information and systems.. There’s never been a more critical time to review where your comms efforts are at



Beem Lite – Free – duration of the COVID crisis 


The simplest solution, ready to go in less than 12hrs. If there’s too much content filling your company chat and things tend to get lost in the way, what you need is a more structured plan. In times like these, missing a single communication will cause issues

Beem Lite is the ideal platform to create dedicated channels for different topics, keeping every employee in the loop when it comes to important information.

We’ve created a ready-to-go, instant template, which means you don’t need to spend time configuring look and feel, we let you focus on content and messaging: all you need to do is to reach out, hop on the app store and be ready to get started in 12hrs.


Helping Hand


Many organizations have now switched temporarily to focusing directly on COVID-19 solutions, by retooling, restructuring and shifting their supply chains to create masks, gowns, supplies and health equipment for the direct fight against the pandemic

This has been truly inspiring to witness across the business world, what is humanity refocusing resources and rallying against the risk, – and that’s why, to these companies, we’re proud to offer our Full Brand Platform for free for 6-months, with additional incentives to help these agile and engaged global organizations throughout.

So that means if you’re reading this and part of any business purposefully engaged in the fight against COVID-19 we want to help you help our global population.

It’s the least we, at Beem can do – and that’s our pledge to you!

So let us help you help others: Drop us a message and we’ll reach out in no time!


Full Brand Platform


Lastly, If your organisation is looking for something more structured: our Full Brand Platform solution will provide you with a white-label application, giving you cross-device access on company content, fully branded with your business logo and corporate material all around.

Your team can immediately start preparing and publishing critical news and resources, all of which can go live to every one of your employees in just 4-7 days!

Our culture is one where helping each other always comes first: this is why with this solution will now be offered with the first month for free and a 60% discount to our first 90 days of the getting started price

So, if your workforce is not directly impacted by Coronavirus, but you’re evaluating your workforce communication channels, then this package is for you!



Also – if you’re wondering what’s out there in terms of the technology help you can get for a discounted rate, why not checking Jamm, Loom or Qualtrics?

We’re all in this together so… let’s do this!

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