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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #75]

Happy Friday from Beem!

Another week, another Roundup here for you: let’s see what’s been shaking the Tech, Comms and HR world this week! But before we dive in: don’t forget to send us an email to hey@wearebeem.com if you have a story you want to share! Whether it’s about leadership, HR, innovation, company culture or communications or even your own story, we’re keen to learn, so share it with us and we may feature your post in our upcoming issue.

Right, what’s been making waves this week? Check this out and join the discussion below!




Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology



In the common scenario that executives think technology is trying to disrupt their business, they try to find a way to develop that technology internally or buy it from others. Major auto companies like GM and Ford are a good example: they have spent billions to buy and then build electric and autonomous driving technologies.

If the disruption threat is coming from a startup, then the incumbent often tries to acquire it — if the valuation is low enough, the most common and pervasive pattern of disruption is driven by customers. They are the ones behind the decisions to adopt or reject new technologies or new products. When large companies decide to focus on changing customer needs and wants, they end up responding more effectively to digital disruption!



Are you really awake? Why conscious leaders are key to unlocking wellbeing



Positive wellbeing in the workplace does not come from discounted gym memberships and free fruit. It comes from a healthy working culture spearheaded by conscious leaders who instill good habits and value people’s need to switch off!

Given the above, it’s apparent that employers must learn how to better support people’s wellbeing: if employers don’t believe that they have a societal responsibility to take better care of their people, part of this approach needs to be changed for good! Social wellbeing is important as we need to feel a sense of belonging and connection and to be appreciated for our efforts. We also need to feel safe enough to be ourselves and to be able to speak up about what we believe in.

How can great leaders create this type of environment?



Should we tax robots? A debate.



The idea of taxing robots isn’t new, but it gained momentum a few years ago when Bill Gates pitched the strategy as a way to slow the job-destroying progress of automation. In a quick rebuttal, Lawrence Summers, a former economic advisor to President Barack Obama and past president of Harvard, called the proposal “profoundly misguided.”

Pros & Cons? Pro: Why not? We tax human labor. Con: It will slow innovation. What’s your take on this?



Fundraising 101: Do VC associates matter?



Building a company is fueled by highs and lows, but one of the few moments of potential ecstasy is the VC outreach email. You are building your startup on deforming IKEA desks eating frozen dinners when out of nowhere, a major VC firm reaches out and wants to discuss a potential investment.

But then you look up your interlocutor online and find that they have that completely enigmatic title of “Associate.” Heck, that email may well have been from me over the years. What do you do? Do you connect with someone who may well be working at a prominent firm and try to engage? Do you flat out ignore it? Do you equivocate and delay?

In short, do VC associates matter to your fundraise?


Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature your article in next week’s Roundup!

Also, let us know what type of content you guys want more or less of, we’re all ears!

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