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End of Week Roundup! [Issue #71]

Happy Friday from Beem!

Another week, another Roundup here for you: let’s see what’s been shaking the Tech, Comms and HR world this week! But before we dive in: don’t forget to send us an email to hey@wearebeem.com if you have a story you want to share! Whether it’s about leadership, HR, innovation, company culture or communications or even your own story, we’re keen to learn, so share it with us and we may feature your post in our upcoming issue.

Right, what’s been making waves this week? Check this out and join the discussion below!




How technology is eliminating communication barriers



Working together requires communication. Co-workers need to communicate with each other to solve problems and develop strategies; leaders need to pass on instructions and inspire their employees; executives need to talk in order to help, coordinate, and negotiate with business partners and clients.

The world is growing more interconnected and mobile by the day: more companies are opening operations and branches in various locations around the world, creating an increasing need to co-ordinate and communicate transnationally. That poses a full gamut of tricky issues: how are companies working to overcome these barriers?



Don’t turn your back on the Internet of Things



5G is waiting in the wings, promising faster download speeds, greater reliability, and lower latency. Could this signal the beginning of something special? Separately, both IoT and 5G are regularly said to be overhyped. However, together they are expected to redefine the digital landscape.

With no immediate 5G deployments for IoT products at scale here in 2019, it can be challenging to imagine how different that future will be. But make no mistake, we are entering significant ‘imagination’ territory. Emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G, and blockchain may sound like buzzwords, but in our immediate future, they will go hand in hand.

Are we really ready to face what’s next?



Ramadan at work: HR best practice



In 2019, Ramadan will begin on Sunday 5 May and end on 4 June in the UK, and those observing the holy month will be fasting and taking part in religious practices for 30 days. Working Muslims will be fasting from sunrise to sunset every day, which could be around 17 hours of not eating or drinking every day for 30 days.

Although fasting is usually the primary association with Ramadan, the month involves a lot more exertion than refraining from food and water.  HR practitioners, line managers, and other stakeholders need to be aware of the personal and religious sensitivities of their staff!

Understanding their experience and accommodating their particular needs shows good management and helps ensures people perform to the best of their abilities. Implementing policies that accommodate can only lead to nurturing mutual trust and ultimately lead to higher staff retention, better morale, more effective teams, and greater productivity.



Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll feature your article in next week’s Roundup!

Also, let us know what type of content you guys want more or less of, we’re all ears!

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