Remote Workspace Tips to Stay Productive

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Remote Workspace Tips to Stay Productive

You’ve been there before. It’s been a stressful and exhausting day. You want to step outside and get a breathe of fresh air, get a conversation going with a colleague or maybe even get a coffee. But, there’s another call to take in 10 minutes. You need to destress and get back on track, but you can’t leave your desk. It’s moments like these that warrant an on-the-spot destress exercise. Here is a list of ways to help you destress at your deskspace. 


Workspace Reset 


Clean your room! Sound familiar? A clean and organised environment reflects the mindset of the person who is incharge of that environment. A clean and focused environment organically spills over to form a clean and focused mind. Even if you are drowning in work and deadlines, it’s important to take time out of your busy schedule to clean, organise and improve your workspace. Don’t allow things like decision fatigue, poor lighting, unclean environment, etc. to weigh you down on an already busy work week. 


Here is a quick guide on how to optimise your workspace:



Hand Massage


Our fingers are constantly busy when we are at our deskspace. From writing emails to communicating with colleagues to signing documents, it’s clear to see that our hands and their joints are under a fair amount of pressue. Its time they get a well-deserved break! Start by lightly pinching the muscle between your thumb and index finger and massaging in small circles. Keep it firm but gentle. Once the muscles in your hand start to relax, you will feel the sensation travel up to the rest of your arm. Keep doing this throughout your work week and you will keep your hands in top condition for all tasks.


Breathing Techniques


Breath control is the easiest way to control and calm yourself when you feel stress. Next time you are in a stressful situation at your desk, step back from the computer and try to take 10 deep breathes in and out. With each inhale, imagine you are inflating your stomach and take in a deep breathe. Hold it for a couple seconds. Now release slowly until you are fully deflated. Repeat 9 more times and you will feel a physcial different in how your body reacts to the stress. With enough practice, this will become a great weapon in your arsenal to deal with any sort of stress.


Meditation Techniques


Ok, this doesn’t mean sit on a mountain somewhere with your legs crossed. Instead use the power of meditation to combat anxiety and stress at your deskspace. Start by closing your eyes. Then, let go of all thoughts and make a conscious effort to think of absolutely nothing. Every time you feel your thoughts about to wander, stop them. Keep this going for a minute, whilst focusing on your body and the different sensations it is producing. After the minute, open your eyes and allow your mind to wander again. You will find that your thoughts will now be more focused and you will feel more energized. 


Workplace stress is particulary unpleasant because it can often feel inescapable. Take back that power and learn to take care of yourself as stress arises. Work on these pointers and you will be able to work more productively with ease.




The world of work is constantly changing and with that comes room for exceptional innovation. Join us at Beem at the forefront of this new and exciting space!

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