15 compelling reasons you should ‘Level Up’ your employee strategy this year!

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15 compelling reasons you should ‘Level Up’ your employee strategy this year!

Employees spend more waking hours with their coworkers than they do their own families. So the fact that employee engagement and experience continues to be of growing importance to them is no surprise.

Employee engagement is a proxy for how committed and aligned your workforce is to not only their jobs but to a company overall. In the past, companies were able to get by without considering how connected (or disconnected) employees were to their mission, values, and overall goals. Today, it’s a different story.

With the rise of more integrated communication channels, both in and out of the office, employees are demanding a deeper connection to their colleagues, their teams, and the companies they work for. They want to know there is a shared value system – a true, authentic connection. A shared social and cultural community more so, than an economically motivated group

If employees feel they are connected to the place they work, they are more likely to spread that cheerful connection to their families, friends, customers and other important networks. They’ll also be more likely to work smarter and longer, creating greater value to the company’s goals.

If you’re in need of some data to back up these claims, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 15 reasons why you should level up your employee strategy this year.




Why Employee Engagement Matters?



Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Employee Engagement


*Bonus point: if you want to check out some additional and insightful stats about Employee Engagement, our friends at Cleverism have created a super interesting article!*



Dispersed Employees – Opportunities everywhere!


  • Check-in frequently and consistently: 46% of respondents to this HBR research said the most successful managers checked in frequently and regularly with remote employees. Don’t leave your remote employees alone; make sure you are in touch with them often!
  • One in four respondents said managers who insisted on some face time with remote employees were more successful: use these opportunities for team building!
  • Demonstrate exemplary communication skills and make expectations explicit: respondents emphasized the importance of stellar communication with their manager and their co-located colleagues!
  • Be available. Our respondents said successful managers are available during remote employees’ working hours, no matter their time zone. They go above and beyond to maintain an open-door policy for both remote and on-site employees — making themselves available across multiple time zones and through different means of technology



As a company, we do our part every day here at Beem: we help organizations reach every remote employee not leaving anyone behind or disconnected, and provide solutions to objectives and goals are that enable everyone to join in with company culture. No matter where they’re located



If you’re keen to venture into employee transformation, whether large or small, Beem has a solution to help.

Discover how we can be a help for brand this year and for years to come! – hey@wearebeem.com 

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