The HR & Comms platform for globally dispersed companies

The Beem platform and team made it incredibly simple for us to reach, engage and interact with both our HQ and store leader teams worldwide. Within weeks we had established a brand new secure channel for communications and collaboration. Beem provides everything employees need, right there, whenever they need it


About Us & What We Do

Beem is a flexible employee application designed to dramatically enhance frontline comms, and boost employee engagement.

Surface existing corporate comms effortlessly, and open up new channels for two-way engagement, all within a single platform. Invite your employees to join the conversation, and become true ambassadors for your brand.

Take your internal comms and HR tools mobile! Employees can access payroll, expenses, policies, and more all from their personal devices. Integrate with Sharepoint or other softwares for seamless connectivity.

Connect and be heard by all your people around the globe, anywhere and anytime. Engage with front-line employees, without the need for company email addresses and communicate in local languages with instant translations.

Reach, engage & mobilise all your employees


Fully Branded – Your app is a reflection of your brand. Starting with a unique icon and name of the app store, and throughout the user experience with app screens, logos, colour scheme, and brand messaging all designed with you, for you

Frontline Enabled – All your employees across the globe can access the app simply and securely, even if they don’t have a corporate email address

Integrated – Beem integrates seamlessly with HR, HCM and CRM tools you are already using


Put your HR & HCM materials
into the hands of all employees


Beem enables national and global enterprises to mobilise any HR or Human Capital management materials, resources or platforms into one place  

Provide easier access to core business workflow to core, front-line or dispersed teams. Whatever your strategy or scale, Beem solutions can work for you



Management made easy


Publishing – schedule content and materials, save drafts, use different types of media including: PDFs, video, images, and more!

User Group Management – create groups and add your employees effortlessly

Analytics – gain valuable real-time insights on user behaviour, what’s trending and overall engagement of your network

Newsletters – create newsletters in minutes, pulling in top content from the app, and sending directly to your employees inbox

Dynamic Polling 

Gain valuable insight and feedback from your employees and understand trends in your organisation using dynamic polls. Polling is a great way to ask meaningful questions about employee well-being, workplace improvements, ideas and leadership. It can also be used as a social tool promoting creativity, collaboration and success celebration


Real-Time Events

Replace your temporary event apps with the one-stop-shop company app. House all the key event information including location, programme, menu, speakers and more in an easy to navigate place that boosts pre, during and post event excitement. To increase engagement, encourage your employees to post their pictures and stories directly to the app!

Employee Generated Content

There is nothing more powerful than employee content campaigns and we know it! We took inspiration from the apps your employees use in their day to day life, so they can instantly post a photo, tag their team members, geotag location and start a company trending hashtag. Leave it to your employees to share authentic and original content across the company


Social Sharing

Your employees have access to the cutting edge company content in their app, now it’s time to get them to spread the word on their personal social networks, maximising your online presence across the social sphere! Social sharing will strengthen brand awareness whilst making your employees your strongest brand ambassadors! The best part? You can track your social reach via our metrics

For your Entire Workforce
Find our how Beem can deliver employee mobility and lasting engagement for your organisation today!
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